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Gardeners of Eden 伊甸園的園丁

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Gardeners of Eden 伊甸園的園丁
by Evan Witkowski

There might not be any elephants left alive in a decade, unless conservation efforts can overcome the obstacles standing in the way of environmental protection.

  African elephants are threatened with extinction from a combination of overhunting by poachers in the ivory trade and the loss of their natural habitat. As the largest land animals in the world, elephants are the focus of many conservation efforts to save them from being hunted and killed for their tusks, or for sport. Since there is so much international demand for ivory, the market is worth an estimated one billion dollars annually. That makes protecting them from armed hunters and profiteers a dangerous enterprise. Nevertheless, someone has to do it before the next generation is only able to see elephants in pictures and history books.
  That's where the people working at Kenya's David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust come in. In the National Geographic Channel's (NGC) premiere of the award-winning documentary Gardeners of Eden, you can see their experiences on the front line of the fight for the survival of elephants. Their harrowing encounters include confronting poachers in the wild and rescuing orphaned elephants whose parents were killed by hunters. Trained wildlife experts at the trust raise the baby elephants before returning them to the wild.
  This powerful documentary shows the keepers' first-hand struggle to protect the elephants and give them another chance at a better life by rehabilitating them. They have been very successful so far, with 150 infant elephant orphans raised by the trust to date, and many of them being effectively reintegrated back into the wild herds. Learn about the conservation efforts in Kenya by watching Gardeners of Eden on NGC.

  1. conservation n.(自然資源、動植物等的)保育
    衍: conserve vt. 保護(環境);節約(能源)
    The international conservation group condemned the fishermen for killing endangered animals.
    *condemn vt. 譴責,責難
    We have to conserve our energy if we want to make it to the top of the mountain by nightfall.
    *nightfall n. 黃昏,傍晚
  2. obstacle n. 阻礙,障礙
    Al's biggest obstacle is his fear of heights.
  3. extinction n. 絕種,滅絕
    衍: extinct a. 絕種的,滅絕的
    This rare plant is indigenous to the small island and is on the verge of extinction.
    *be indigenous to + 地方  為某地方所獨有
    on the verge of...  瀕臨……;在……邊緣
    Some animals will become extinct within a few years if we do not take action.
  4. habitat n. 棲息地
    Rivers provide excellent habitats for smallmouth bass because their temperatures are moderate, and they are highly oxygenated.
    *bass n. 鱸魚(單複數同形)
    oxygenated a. 含氧的
  5. demand n. 需求 & vt. 要求,請求
    衍: demanding a. 要求高的,苛求的
    We shut down another factory due to the low demand for our products.
    The teacher demanded that we (should) hand in our assignment by tomorrow.
    Without a demanding boss, the company is not going to be successful.
  6. enterprise n. 事業;企業
    衍: entrepreneur n. 企業家
    We are going to get involved in a scientific enterprise.
    The wealthy entrepreneur bid for the famous painting at the auction.
  7. premiere n. 初次上演,首映
    Jeremy's new play had its premiere at the Sydney Opera House.
  8. confront vt. 對抗;質問
    衍: be confronted with...  面對……
    confrontation n. 衝突;對質
    The brave lady confronted the intruder, who broke into her house, on her own.
    *intruder n. 非法入侵者
    Elaine confronted her friend Sally about the money she had stolen.
    Terry was confronted with the harsh realities of job hunting after he graduated from college.
    Many violent and unnecessary confrontations can be avoided with communication.
  9. struggle n. & vi. 掙扎;努力
    衍: struggle to V  努力/掙扎(做)??
    My brother is engaged in a life-and-death struggle with cancer.
    *be engaged in...  致力/從事於……
    Many small companies struggle to sell their products on the Internet.
  10. rehabilitate vt. 使復原
    My family and I tried to rehabilitate our house after the typhoon.
  11. effectively adv. 實際上;有效地
    衍: effective a. 有效的
    Solar energy should be utilized more effectively.
    *utilize vt. 運用
    E-mailing is a fast and effective means of communication.
  12. herd n. 獸群;一群
    注意 herd 表『一群』時,多與群居的草食性大型動物並用。
    衍: a herd of elephants / horses / cattle  一群大象/馬/牛群(集合名詞,作複數用)
    A herd of cattle blocked the road and I couldn't pass them.

poacher n. 盜獵者
ivory n. 象牙(不可數);象牙製品(可數)
tusk n.(大象等動物的)長牙
profiteer n. 奸商
衍: profit n. 利益 & vi. 獲益
harrowing a. 慘痛的
orphaned a. 成為孤兒的
衍: orphan n. 孤兒
reintegrate vt. 使重新融入

  1. stand in the way of...  妨礙/阻擋……
    Nothing can stand in the way of Kevin's dreams.
  2. a combination of...  ……的混合
    It took a combination of guts and smarts to overcome the opponents.
    *guts n. 勇氣
    opponent n. 對手
  3. for sport  娛樂,消遣
    Wild game, such as buffalo, were once hunted for sport in the American West.
    *game n. 獵物,野禽(集合名詞)
  4. an estimated + 數字 + 複數名詞  估計有……
    An estimated 300 guests went to their wedding ceremony last week.
  5. come in  發揮用處
    We need some financial advice, and that's where Kate comes in.
  6. to date  迄今
    Our company has sold five million books to date.


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