2022年12月29日 星期四

So Much Won, So Much War To Go for Kyiv 基輔雖獲諸多意外戰果 反攻仍長路漫漫

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紐時周報精選 So Much Won, So Much War To Go for Kyiv 基輔雖獲諸多意外戰果 反攻仍長路漫漫
In Slumping U.K., Feelings Of 'Bregret' Toward Brexit 英國經濟危機嚴重 開始後悔脫歐
So Much Won, So Much War To Go for Kyiv 基輔雖獲諸多意外戰果 反攻仍長路漫漫
文/Marc Santora、Andrew E. Kram

基輔雖獲諸多意外戰果 反攻仍長路漫漫

In forests, in fields and in fierce urban combat, the Ukrainian military has defied the odds, and all expectations, and forced Russia into multiple retreats over nine brutal, bloody months of war.


And yet despite its success, and even with tens of thousands of soldiers killed on each side, Ukraine by one measure is only halfway done: Its army has now reclaimed about 55% of the territory Russia occupied after invading in February.


Ukraine is on the offensive along most of the 600-mile front line. Russia is in a defensive crouch in the south and northeast while still attacking toward one eastern city, Bakhmut.


Ukraine's success has brought the war to a pivotal juncture. Because it is on the offensive, it can shape the next phase of the fighting, determining whether to push its advantage farther into Russian-occupied territory, or settle in for the winter, as military analysts say Russia would like to do.


Should it press on, Ukraine faces significant hurdles: While it has pushed more Russian fighters into a tighter space, this means the battles ahead will be against more densely defended territory, on challenging terrain.


Ukraine is now fighting in boats in the reedy marshes and deltaic islands of the lower Dnieper River; it is pushing against multiple trench lines on snowy plains in the Zaporizhzhia region in the south; and is engaging in a bloody, seesaw fight along the so-called Svatove-Kreminna line, in pine forests in northeastern Ukraine.


After the Russian withdrawal from Kherson this month, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine made a dramatic visit to the city, the only provincial capital captured by Russian forces. Raising the Ukrainian flag over a government building, he echoed a famous speech by Winston Churchill after the British victory at the Second Battle of El Alamein in 1942.


Churchill had declared "the end of the beginning" to the conflict, which would drag on for three more years. Zelenskyy tried to flip the narrative.


"This is the beginning of the end of the war," he said.


Still, about one-fifth of Ukrainian territory remains occupied by Russia.



In Slumping U.K., Feelings Of 'Bregret' Toward Brexit 英國經濟危機嚴重 開始後悔脫歐
文/Mark Landler

英國經濟危機嚴重 開始後悔脫歐

Six and a half years after voting to leave the European Union, three years after the formal departure, two years after signing a post-Brexit trade deal with Brussels and one month after installing its fourth prime minister since the 2016 referendum, Britain is caught in — what else? — another debate over Brexit.


Brexit may be in the history books, but "Bregret," as the British newspapers have called it, is back in the air.


The cause of the remorse is clear: Britain's economic crisis, which is the gravest in a generation and worse than those of its European neighbors. Not all — or even most — of the problems are because of Brexit, but Britain's vexed trade relationship with the rest of Europe indisputably plays a role. That makes it a ripe target for an anxious public casting about for something to blame.


The latest eruption of this never-ending drama began last week with an opinion poll that showed support for Brexit had fallen to its lowest level yet. Only 32% of those surveyed in the poll, by the firm YouGov, said that they thought leaving the European Union was a good idea; 56% said it was a mistake.


The Brexit second-guessing grew louder this week, after The Sunday Times of London published a report that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was considering pursuing a closer arrangement with the European Union, modeled on that of Switzerland. The Swiss have access to the single market and fewer border checks, in return for paying into the bloc's coffers and accepting some of its rules.


Sunak quickly shot down the report, which was attributed to "senior government sources."


"Under my leadership," Sunak told business executives Monday, "the United Kingdom will not pursue any relationship with Europe that relies on alignment with EU laws."


"I voted for Brexit, I believe in Brexit," Sunak added. "I know that Brexit can deliver, and is already delivering, enormous benefits and opportunities for the country."


While nobody is predicting that Britain will seek to rejoin the European Union, political analysts said that the Sunday Times report, on top of the dismal economic data and growing popular sentiment against Brexit, would open a fresh chapter in Britain's search for a new relationship with the rest of Europe. Where that would lead, they cautioned, was impossible to predict.



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